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Welcome to OrangeML official website!

We are updating the Orange Partner website at the moment , and that means we're closing the current forums and moving them to other sites.

The OrangeML discussion forum is now closed and replaced by the CADAP google group (see below).

What is OrangeML?

OrangeML is a fast solution to quickly develop mobile Internet pages with an optimal Orange user experience whatever the device.

Who uses OrangeML?

OrangeML is used since 2002 by the Orange World portal in Orange France: thanks to OrangeML, more than 50 Internet services (news, sport, meteo, chat, photo, etc.) are accessed daily by millions of users using more than 1500 different mobile devices.

OrangeML is also used by a lot of Orange affiliates (Orange Romania, Orange Kenya, Orange Dominicana, etc.) for some major mobile web sites (portal, email, video, etc.).

Any questions ?

Any questions ? Just post it on the CADAP google group, the OrangeML team will be more than happy to help you very quickly.

You just need to use your existing Google login and password to access it. If you don't already have a Google account it's really simple to do, and it's completely free. You can find more details here.

OrangeML documentation

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